Membership Survey

2020/2021 Membership Survey Results

  1. What is the biggest RIM or IG challenge you are facing today, especially with Covid-19?
  • Harder to get RIM to be seen as essential due to shift to core activities in the company during COVID, which impacts progress and budget for initiatives.
  • Remote workers - governing their data from afar (with a hybrid of paper and electronic records)
  • Handling the period where both paper and electronic records are accessed
  • Compliance
  • Records Retention reviews
  • Access to information that has not been digitized
  • Accessing records that are on paper in the office and finding the complete picture where some information is electronic and other information is on a different medium
  • Having records scattered. We do not have a digital strategy to keep records organized electronically but now we need to only rely on digital records
  • Getting buy in from the top of the organization regarding RIM. How to get the attention of the decision-makers was tough before COVID & it's impossible now. Any tips would be helpful.
  • Trying to get people motivated.
  • The on-going challenges of staff working remotely and managing records, how to know what's being created, where it's being stored and monitoring all of this. I am looking in future to implement one of the automated filing programs now available and it might be helpful if I could better understand the pros/cons and if anyone in the RM community has experience to share.
  • Conversion from paper to electronic to facilitate remote working.


  1. From a program perspective, what topics/issues would you like to see covered through ARMA Toronto workshops and presentations?
  • Implementing records management in O365 and SharePoint online using built in features; examples of materials we can use - retention schedule, records management training decks, policies; best practices for organizing records in shared drives without the use of additional tools, data privacy and cyber security.
  • Technology application - stories of success, failure, tenacity to make them work in the current environment.
  • Sessions on IG, Privacy, digitization.
  • Best practice file naming conventions.
  • SharePoint and Electronic Records Management tools.
  • How to create an IG/RIM strategic plan.
  • Canadian standards for management of electronic records.
  • Selling the need for IG in the organization.
  • What does the future look like for RIM and IG and what skills do I need?
  • Transitioning to digital and training of staff.
  • Proving RIM's critical role.
  • Working with IT without being taken over by IT. How to get the decision-makers to see RIM & IT as equally important (both need a seat at the decision-making table).
  • Data mapping (not an inventory).
  • Topics: Case Studies, Strategy and Planning, Reporting & Metrics, Managing Retention Schedule.
  • Would like to see more workshops geared towards networking/panels, etc. rather than only lectures.
  • Presentation on records that have been created due to COVID-19 and what our obligations are from an RM/retention perspective.
  • Now that we are using online meeting tools, are there obligations for keeping recordings of meetings and implications for RM/retention?
  • What does it take to become a RIM/IG consultant?


  1. Are you interested in topics which focus on a specific industry? If so, which industry?
  • Finance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government
  • Legal Industry
  • Not-for-Profit where Requests for Information can be submitted by the public.
  • RIM with provincial and municipal governments.


  1. We are looking at virtual meetings for the foreseeable future. DO you have a preferred time for the sessions?
  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • No preference


  1. What current online meeting tools do you have access to (zoom, teams, gotomeeting, etc.)?
  • All of the above
  • ZOOM
  • GoToMeeting
  • Teams
  • WebEx – no zoom in our company, but could redirect to home computer.
  • Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting. Others can be downloaded if approved within my organization.
  • Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meetings


  1. Final Comments
  • I can't travel to Toronto for most sessions when they sit in the middle of downtown and our company is located in North York. Traffic and parking are a nightmare and I lose half a day getting back to the office. Online, we all have an equal chance to attend and, though it dampens down the social aspect we all need, it makes attending easier...if we have the schedule for it.
  • COVID has accelerated the overdue paperless processes. Sharing experiences and best practice would be of value.
  • I am glad to see that the chapter is looking at online options given the current situation that is totally unknown.
  • Great survey.