Membership FAQ

How do I apply for ARMA membership?
Information for membership can be found in the membership section of the ARMA International website. Go to the membership menu heading and select your membership option. Application for membership can be made online or by mail via the form available in the membership section.

What is the cost of an ARMA membership?
Information regarding the cost of an ARMA membership can be found in the ARMA Memberships and Benefits page.

What does ARMA stand for?
ARMA is an acronym for the Association of Records Managers and Administrators. Over the past several years, however, we have seen a broadening of the profession as records management has become a recognized and integral part of information management which is key to doing business. To reflect the changing environment and this “expansion” of the profession, the association’s Board of Directors decided to discontinue using ARMA as an acronym and adopted “ARMA International” as a general descriptor of the association.

Where can I find out more about ARMA’s purpose and mission?
General information about ARMA International can be found by going to the Who We Are section of their website.

How do I find contact information for ARMA International?
Go to the Contact Us section of ARMA’s web site. There you can find ARMA’s address, phone, fax, e-mail and links to ARMA’s directories for staff, the Board of Directors, Region Managers/Coordinators, Chapters, Ambassadors and Committees.