Benefits of Sponsorship

ARMA Toronto Chapter’s mission & vision for the last 50+ years is to provide leadership in education, research, and networking opportunities to information management professionals. The Chapter constantly looks to grow, bring value, and develop strategies to engage with different types of membership (individual, corporate, vendors, students, etc.). We recognize that Sponsorship plays a crucial role and its sponsorships that underwrite most of the chapter’s activities. Therefore, ARMA Toronto Chapter is constantly looking to our member community to sponsor chapter events and support in any way possible. This year ARMA Toronto Chapter is starting a sponsorship program where different types of members can take advantage of the program to showcase their company or service. The program entails sponsorship opportunities for small and large budgets. Please see the sponsorship level page for further information. Due to COVID19 our current events are mainly remote organized events, i.e. non face to face events. The board is keeping a close eye on the proceedings and will add/modify the events and sponsorship opportunities as per the future developments.

Why should you exhibit?

  • Gain exposure to over 130 members that are IG and Records and information management (RIM) professionals
  • Reinforce your relationships with existing customers
  • Improve your current and future workforce with the chapter's cutting-edge educational monthly meeting lectures, annual seminar, and professional development offerings
  • Expand your market reach
  • Connect your brand, products, and services to our members
  • Gather useful data about industry trends
  • Demonstrate your support of ARMA Toronto Chapter and the IG/RIM industry
  • Strengthen your competitive edge!