Call for Researchers

Project Name: Results of ‘Big Bucket’ Retention Practices (Working Title)

Foundation Information:  The Foundation is an independent funding resource for research and scholarship in the field of information management. We are currently seeking a researcher(s) to work with us on a freelance basis.

Project Description:  The researcher(s) will identify, interview, and survey a variety of organizations in different industries that have transformed their retention schedules into some form of a “big bucket” format or who have adopted big bucket retention scheduling from scratch. Copyright will be retained by the Foundation.

Suggested Methodology:  Interview and conduct a generated standard set of questions to survey the identified organizations using “big bucket” practices. We would like to see this research address, at a minimum, the following questions:

  • Are big bucket schedules working as anticipated?
  • Have they assisted with classification and retention of electronic as well as hard copy record keeping systems?
  • Are there issues of over or under retention?
  • Have they facilitated the management of retention for both physical and electronic records and enhanced the overall stature of the organization’s records management program?
  • Are there complications pertaining to litigation or e-Discovery?
  • What are the demonstrable cost implications (cost reductions, savings, additions, or increases [operations])
  • Lessons learned? Anything that should have been done differently?

The methodology includes bibliographic reviews of materials relating to ‘Big Bucket’ practice in the form of books, articles, and guides available through libraries, online, and websites.

Resources:  The report will be reviewed prior to publication. A Foundation liaison will be assigned to the project and will work with the lead researcher through the duration of the project.

Available funding:  $5,000 in three installments.

Contract Term:  To be negotiated. Goal is 6 to 8 months from the date of signed contract.

Applications:  Send a resume and cover letter detailing your experience and suggestions for conducting the project as email attachments to: Deadline: 11/15/2017

Call for Researchers – ARMA International Educational Foundation